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Mellon - Deals Among Friends


How do a polka-dot whale, a second-hand piano and a 2-bed furnished flat get to market?Easy, they’re some of the deals available on Mellon, the new flea market app that allows you to make deals quickly and safely within the most reliable community around- your friends and friends of friends. Download the Mellon app and invite your phone contacts and Facebook friends to get connected straight away with thousands of people interested in doing deals with you.On Mellon, all you need to do is scroll through the offers to find the deal of your dreams quickly and easily. From houses nobody would ever risk offering on Airbnb (because they don’t trust strangers) to all sorts of used and second-hand items: hi-tech, handicrafts, furniture, designer clothes, electronics, vehicles, rooms to let and houses. Whether you' vintage or modern, you’ll discover there’s always a friend (or friend of a friend) who’s selling, renting, lending or even giving away the very thing you’re after.Have you got an old iPhone kicking around? Tools you’ve never used but in perfect condition? Or maybe a holiday home that gathers dust 11 months of the year? With Mellon you can turn all this unexploited stuff into money quickly and easily- it just takes a few clicks to publish/post your first offer…then all you need is the right friend to do the deal!
On Mellon you can:
CUSTOMIZE DEALS - Renting, giving away, lending or selling? Cash payment or PayPal? It’s up to you!
USE THE INTEGRATED CHAT - Ask for more information and close the deal quickly. Easy, just like asking a friend.
POST A DEAL IN A FEW SECONDS -Post your offers in a few seconds and start making money straight away selling or renting things you don’t need. No need to worry about ratings anymore.
DEAL SAFELY -Only do business with people you really know- your phone book contacts, Facebook friends and their friends. Thousands of people you can immediately trust.
PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY -You decide who can see your offer- just a few friends, loads or even friend of friends.
RELAX! :) -Because you’ll only find your friends on Mellon.
So... Download Mellon now and we really hope you'll like it as much as we do.
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We are delighted to have you as a Mellon user!The Mellon Team.